Women Leaders at Fort Knox

In honor of Women’s History Month, we interviewed five women leading The Ginn Group at Fort Knox. Here’s what they had to say about their roles and life at The Ginn Group.

Jessica Kenny, QHSE Manager

Jessica Kenny, QHSE Manager, oversees quality assurance, subcontracted environmental jobs, and the safety program, which includes accidents and training. Making sure the people at Fort Knox are safe is her main priority. While safety is important, she keeps in mind changes must be practical. “The decisions I make every day directly affect the technicians working on the ground. Each decision I make I try to balance between keeping them safe and being practical for them,” says Jessica. 

Karen Buchanan, Work Control Supervisor, ensures the maintenance at Fort Knox is tracked and coordinated. One of her favorite parts about the role is getting the satisfaction of completing a task or improving the way things are done. While she faces challenges in her career, she is motivated by her mother, who taught her to go after what she wants and achieve her goals. 

Carrie Zdenek, Data Manager

Carrie Zdenek, Data Manager, oversees the Builder Department and ensures inventory is complete. Carrie recently moved to this role after 17 years with The Ginn Group. She looks forward to this new role. “I love a good challenge which is exactly what I am experiencing with this new position as the Data Manager, “says Carrie.

Jackie Sanders, HR/Finance & Accounting Supervisor

Jackie Sanders. HR/Finance & Accounting Supervisor oversees the HR needs of over 128 employees as well as the processing of invoices from The Ginn Group’s 800+ vendors. While her day is filled with several responsibilities, she takes pride in ensuring her team is happy and not overworked. Since dealing with people is a large part of her job, one of her favorite aspects of her role is the humor incorporated into all employee interactions. 

Casey Stranahan, Procurement Manager

Cassandra (Casey) Stranahan, Procurement Manager, describes her role as the coordination of people, materials, and services to support the TFM project at Fort Knox Army Installation. The work done for The Ginn Group has translated into her home life. “When something tears up at home now I will usually investigate it myself, make an analysis, and try to repair it. It has made me quite independent,” says Casey. 

While these women work across departments, they are all united by their appreciation for The Ginn Group’s people. Whether it’s their strong friendships, appreciation for leadership, or simply everyday interactions, their peers are what makes their work special. 

Special thanks to Jessica, Karen, Jackie, Casey, and Carrie! You all make The Ginn Group and Fort Knox outstanding. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. 


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