A Firm Foundation of Concrete Work

Having the right concrete properly installed and maintained for the right applications is critical to its useful longevity. This is why both government and commercial facilities subcontract these important tasks out to the professionals. Concrete work is a large part of subcontracting in construction. These concrete projects require specialty contractors that can work on a variety of projects. Some might be concrete finishers, while others will focus on pouring concrete for foundations or solidifying concrete surfaces made of portland cement or asphalt.

Our team hard at work pouring new sidewalks at the NSA Panama City training facility.

Concrete jobs can range in size. Most jobs are measured in cubic yards, with a variety of building materials and types of concrete. The American Society of Concrete Contractors does a great job at enhancing capabilities for those who build with concrete. It is because of their advancements that we, along with other federal contractors, have been able to grow in our services towards members of the community.

As partners with the government for over 25 years, we have worked in many different concrete fields all across the United States. This has allowed us to build everything from concrete steps to everyday roads and highways. Our work is important to us because we know that it is not just being used by a village but by a nation. 

We take pride in the effort that we put into every project, ensuring its use for generations to come. We know the importance of a firm foundation in all projects and work hard to maintain that your business is well taken care of. 

As our founder, Jim Ginn says, “We can do it! What is it?”. No matter what your next project is, we will find a way to get it done. For more information on how we can help you with your next concrete project, contact us today.


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