The Ins and Outs (or Ups and Downs) of Elevator Maintenance

In our modern 21st century, most large business organizations have an elevator somewhere in their building. Whether it is from the loading dock to the main building or just to transport people past the stairs, it is important to provide regular maintenance to your elevator to ensure it is in working order.

The most crucial step in elevator maintenance is the routine maintenance schedule. Most service plans allow for routine maintenance checks to ensure a good working elevator 365 days a year. This also allows companies to save money on repair costs for their commercial elevators by being aware of preventative maintenance, rather than constantly making emergency service calls. 

Keeping your building safe and ADA compliant is essential to the efficiency of your business.

These scheduled maintenance times are also a good time for your elevator service company to make sure the elevator room is up to code. It is important to make sure that the doors open and close properly and that the area is not used for storage, as that goes against fire safety codes. Ensuring that the room is also self-locking, so that no one without proper authorization can gain access to it, and that it has proper lighting is also of great importance.  

Lastly, understand your problem spots. At The Ginn Group, team members are trained to look for common problem areas depending on the type of elevator. This is to aid in maintenance and repair based on the different types of elevator systems, in order to prevent downfalls in elevator performance before it is too late. It is with great pride that we do our job in elevator maintenance repair to keep those in our community around us safe.

If you are looking for a repair company for your elevator maintenance needs, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help!


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