Keeping Your Chiller Boiler System Efficient

When cooling your business or facility, there are several options. Some prove to be more efficient at conditioning large spaces; while others are more efficient at compact areas. Chiller boilers systems are a great example of the latter.

 Chiller boiler systems consist of a chiller, boiler, pumps, and HVAC controls. Their design is hydronic, meaning structured to use water instead of air to heat and cool an area. This allows for the conditioning of smaller, more compact zones. This in turn gives the user the ability to choose which zones are being heated and cooled. If one zone is out of use, the air conditioner or heating system in that area can be turned off allowing for greater energy efficiency. 

Our technicians are highly trained to keep your systems running efficiently.

Operating efficiency is also increased with this hydronic system, due to its structure. When it comes to radiant heating, hot water is sent through the pipe system to the fan coil units which heat the air that is pushed out. Air conditioning is handled the same way. Water is sent through a cooling tower and that water is sent to the fan coil, pushing out cooled air into the room. 

A hydronic system like this that is properly designed is usually more efficient than a standard forced-air system. Their design and pre-engineered system also makes for quicker installation, though they do still require a technician for set up and repairs. Maintenance issues that occur should be handled by trained professionals who have experience working with these particular HVAC systems. 

At The Ginn Group Inc., we have over 25 years of experience in operating systems such as these. Our determination and tenacity in the pursuit of excellence has helped us learn a lot about different operating systems over the years. No matter what task we face, we will find a way to do it and to do it well. If you are in the process of installing or repairing your chiller boiler system for your business or facility, give us a call and see how we can help. You’ll be glad you did!


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