Prioritizing Quality Assurance at The Ginn Group

If you have read any of our blogs already, you will know that we are pretty proud of the work we do here at The Ginn Group. Whether it is taking care of fire alarm systems, ensuring a building’s structural integrity, or dealing with plumbing, it is the fine team we have established for each job we take on and the standards they uphold that makes all the difference. This week, we sat down with our Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment (QHSE) manager at Fort Knox, Jeff Anderson, to understand how The Ginn Group maintains such a standard of excellence.

What is Quality, Safety, Health, and Environment Management?

When it comes to QHSE management, it becomes quickly apparent that “just quality” is quite an understatement. As Jeff put it, “it starts with our safety and [follows] the technicians as they perform their duties.” This means we have a high concept of quality not only for the jobs we perform but also for the workers who perform them.

Going Above and Beyond

The quality policy of The Ginn Group at Fort Knox is to “provide professional Facility Maintenance Services of the highest quality. In doing so, TGG and our Subcontractors actively communicate and collaborate on the improvement of our Quality systems in order to satisfy our customer’s requirements.” 

One way we do this is by not only meeting American National Standard for Quality (ASQ) requirements but exceeding them as often as possible. Though the ASQ only requires an acceptable quality level (AQL) of at least 80% for a company’s products or services, The Ginn Group has continuously been able to reach quality levels of 96-98% per quarter.

Other Duties

Along with the focus of meeting these standards, Anderson also has to ensure that The Ginn Group is meeting certain EPA quality standards, as well, in addition to the regulations of the Fort Knox environmental group and other safety reports. Yet, he says, no matter who is contracted to help with the job, the TGG team steps in to make sure they understand our high-quality standards.

“If we need a roofing contractor or something like that,” Anderson says, “we oversee the safety and quality assurance that our subcontractors we hire in are doing.”

Plenty of Services. History of Excellence. 

While The Ginn Group offers a multitude of services to numerous different organizations, we maintain that “quality” will always be a part of our formula. “The quality that is built into a routine daily,” as Jeff Anderson puts it. So no matter what your next project is, you can be assured that if The Ginn Group is in on it, it will be done right.


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