It’s “Snow” Problem!

Every winter season, cold weather blows in and citizens are left wondering how to handle it. If it snows in the South, many are known to scour the stores for milk and bread. (Whether they eat it or not.) In the North, people are more prepared (but also more often inconvenienced.) Yet with advanced snow removal technology, anywhere can return back to normal with minimal worry or concern. 

The truth is, no matter how often you deal with snow, it is still difficult to drive in and frustrating to deal with. Employees fight to make it to work, kids miss days of school, and emergency vehicles are no longer able to make it to their destination in a timely manner. At the Ginn Group, however, we are trained in efficient snow removal, so put away those snow shovels and let us take care of it for you!

Before heavy snowfalls, it is important to pretreat the roads to lessen the impact of snow and ice. Cars should be moved off the street (especially on narrow roads) so snow plows can make it through. Once a few inches of snow accumulate, we come in to remove snow on primary roads. This is to assist a majority of the traffic and ensure safety for emergency vehicles.

In the next phase, our snow crews move to smaller side streets and parking areas. Heavy snow is removed from these areas as soon as the main roads are secure. After snow blowers and snow trucks have done their job, with just a little help from the sun, crews bust in to remove ice and slush off the roads. 

Whatever your area is facing, our crew can help you through it. Give us a call during these winter months to help when the snow falls!


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