Work Safety – Protection for You and Your Company

Our Standard of Safety

At The Ginn Group, we don’t just strive to meet the minimal standards of safety but we create an all-around safe working environment as the company’s standard. When asked about passing the ISO 9001 audit (an international standard specifying requirements for a quality management system) back in March, our Quality, Health, and Safety Manager, Kelvin Griffin, said, “Those standards don’t tell us how to do our job, but we, in turn, align our processes according to the standard.” He explains that training is conducted based on the performance work statement and job titles of individuals in that field. “Our main objective,” he goes on to say, “is to make sure that they remain safe – at all times.”

When it comes to workplace safety, you’ve heard the old adage, “Better safe than sorry.” Yet, in some businesses, that is not always the case. Here at The Ginn Group, we make it a priority to set and apply specific safety measures, ensuring the protection of all those involved.

Why Workplace Safety?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2016, nearly 3 million non-fatal workplace injuries were reported. At The Ginn Group, we want to keep that number as close to zero as possible for the well-being of all of our employees and clients.

The Improvement of Safety Standards

Over the years, standards in workplace safety have developed tremendously. Since the enactment of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) in 1970, workplace deaths have dropped from 38 per day to 19 a day (according to a 2019 study)  and injuries and illnesses are down from 10.9% to only 2.8% of workers. Not to mention, that is still half a century after this was considered typical!

Photo from Erect A Step “Safety in the Workplace Then and Now”
Photo from Safety Check “Health & Safety in the Chicago Roofing Industry….Then and Now”

Now, as we honor June as National Safety Month, we want to remind everyone that our goal is to enact a safe culture in the workplace. We hope that through continuously updating and promoting our safety standards, we can promote a safer environment and improve workplace statistics one job at a time. That is why we make it our mission to work hard and stay safe. 


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