Holiday Decoration at Fort Knox

With the holidays quickly approaching, we wanted to take the time to talk about one of our favorite facilities support services, decorating for the holiday season at Fort Knox, Kentucky! We spoke with Electric Shop Lead, Ray Sallee, to learn a little more about decorating Fort Knox, and his favorite part.

Decorating Fort Knox involves a lot of the same type of decorating that many of you are probably getting ready to do yourselves, but on a larger scale. The Ginn Group has two off-Post sites that we set up, as well as the Post entry gates, and the main Post parade field. We also set up decorations on-Post in two different locations, which concludes with tree-lighting ceremonies for each location (click here to read about the tree lighting ceremony for the Post gazebo tree).

We begin the holiday decoration process by making a plan and ordering supplies during the summer months. Then, during the first part of November, the decorating begins! We have a specific timeline for decorating, as well as a system. We start decorating some of the areas early, while the weather is good, and then complete the rest during their designated time frames. Throughout the process, we are taking reference photos, and labeling and storing items for each of the individual areas. It takes two to three weeks to complete all of the decorating.

The holiday decoration process takes all of our electric/electronics shop, along with several people from our structures shop. When the main parade field is being decorated, we will have up to twenty employees working on decorating that week!

The types of decorations that we are using are wreaths, garlands, banners, rope lighting, tree lights, lighted signs, and 4’x8’ holiday cards. Ray said that his favorite part of decorating is, “seeing the Post lit up, especially the main parade field.” His favorite decoration is the Post gazebo tree.

The Post Gazebo Tree Adjacent to Brooks Parade Field

We are so excited that we are able to be a part of the holiday decoration process at Fort Knox. Bringing cheer to others is a rewarding experience! From all of us at The Ginn Group, we hope that you have a happy holiday season and take some time to stop and enjoy the hard work and caring that goes into decorating for the season.


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