The Ginn Group’s 25th Anniversary

Founder, Jim Ginn (left) and CEO, James Ginn (right)

The Ginn Group, Inc. proudly celebrates 25 years of providing quality, responsive, and cost-effective services and solutions to meet the needs of commercial, state/local government, and federal government customers! 

Our company was founded in 1997 by retired U.S. Army officer Jim Ginn. Following retirement from active duty, Jim worked in the defense industry for ten years and developed a keen understanding of the government contracting business.  He came away with the belief that he could do it better by starting his own company!

Founder, Jim Ginn

Business started off slow, and then we caught a huge break in 2003 with a contract to perform Installation Operations and Maintenance Support Services at Fort McPherson and Fort Gillem, Georgia. Then in 2006, there followed the contract award to provide Facilities Maintenance Services at Fort Knox, Kentucky, where we still serve today, 16 years later!

Over the course of 25 years and dozens of successful contracts later, we’ve established ourselves as a premier small business providing facility, logistics, training, and IT services. More recently, we established an engineering services division, INGITEQ, and are capturing some great work in the commercial sector.

We continue to be hard at work expanding all our services to state and local governments. It is important for us to continuously evolve and innovate to set ourselves up for new opportunities.

The Ginn Group is proud of our team of professionals as we celebrate 25 years of growth and progress!

With the future in mind, we are developing and executing a formal TGG Strategic Plan which lays out our strategy for growth through a diversified approach. This approach includes building a robust business development/marketing capability, renewing our efforts in growing our current business lines, adding additional business lines, executing an SBA mentor-protégé program, and a strategy of growth through an M&A effort.

We expect that by executing this approach we will see amazing results. We already see growth and success in our engineering business line with several recent contract awards. Recently we submitted our first government contract proposal under our SBA mentor-protégé program. We’re also preparing for the next wave of “Smart Technologies” which impact all sectors of our economy, and advising how these same technologies can transform a military installation into a “Smart Base”. 

We’ve had an amazing first 25 years and are optimistic about the next 25 years and how we will grow, bring value, and continue to serve our customers! To learn more about The Ginn Group, contact us today!


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