Access Control at Fort Knox

One of the many facilities support solutions that we offer our clients is access control. We spoke with Andy Lyons, Electronic Tech Lead at Fort Knox, Kentucky, to learn more about it.

Access control systems are systems that are put in place to protect company resources by limiting access. Typically when someone is referring to these systems they are referring to logical access control which restricts access to virtual resources and data. For this article, we are referring to the physical form of access control.

Physical access control systems at Fort Knox refer to doors, gates, locks, etc. that require certain credentials to access. Access to certain areas may require a key card or specific pin to enter. This helps to keep unauthorized people from entering these areas and it also helps to keep a record of who has been in and out of the area and at what times.

Andy’s team works on everything involving security at Fort Knox. They take care to keep the systems in peak working order. This means anything from installation and wiring all the way up to computer programming. They also teach customers how to use the systems.

Andy says that the most interesting part of his job is the wide variety of equipment and technology that he gets to work on from day to day.

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