Life Cycle Management Services

Life Cycle Management Services is another solution that we are proud to provide to commercial, state/local government, and federal government customers throughout the United States. This week we spoke with Deana Atkinson, Bid and Proposal Coordinator/Deputy Project Manager for The Ginn Group, to find out what Life Cycle Management means.

Simply put, it is the process of making sure all of the steps of a mission, or commercial project, are supported. This includes supporting all critical decisions that are made by key members of an Integrated Product Team (IPT). It also includes the development, acquisition, sustainment, and disposition of required materials or materiel.

This process is extremely important as it ensures that the mission and platforms involved are fully supported. Life Cycle Management gives you the ability to manage a process from start to finish, whether it is supporting the DoD or a commercial project.

Deana’s path to her role in the process began in 2009. She started out as a secretary but worked her way up to her current position. She became interested in this field because her father worked in logistics at Robins Air Force Base, and as a child, she heard his stories of achievement which sparked her interest.

She describes Life Cycle Management as working, “extremely hard to keep America as safe as possible. We are responsible for ensuring warfighter requirements are met, which in turn protects our troops, and the American citizens, both abroad and on American soil.”

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