The Employee of the Quarter

The Ginn Group, Inc. (TGG) knows that our success is a direct result of the hard work, dedication, and talents of our employees. One of our best, and our Employee of the Quarter, is Mr. Hamlette Braxton, Project Manager of our Facilities Maintenance Services contract at Ft. Knox, KY.

Our Employee of the Quarter is Mr. Hamlette Braxton, Project Manager of our Facilities Maintenance Services contract at Ft. Knox, KY.

Mr. Braxton joined TGG’s Ft. Knox effort in 2006 and became the Project Manager in 2012. Since then, he has been instrumental in helping The Ginn Group double the size of the contract and continues to increase the work and value of the effort. Mr. Braxton is a key part of our success at Ft. Knox and his excellent leadership remains a major component of our operations.  His experience proved invaluable when faced with keeping our workforce safe and motivated during the COVID-19 outbreak. Mr. Braxton ensured our employees had access to all necessary PPE, hand sanitizers and cleaning supplies and required all supervisors to implement CDC recommendations. As other Ft. Knox contractors scaled back their workforce activities, Mr. Braxton and his team continued to work the ever-increasing workload mandated by the contract.  

Recently, Government leadership called Mr. Braxton after hours to request support of an urgent requirement to clean eight buildings that were to house Senior Officers attending Assessment Courses for senior Army Leadership.  Mr. Braxton rallied our Supervisors, Leads and employees to work over 800 hours over two weekends to ensure the successful completion of the priority requirement.  Immediately after the work was completed, Mr. Braxton received a call from the Ft. Knox Director of Public Works, giving accolades to TGG and our employees for providing superior service.         

Mr. Braxton, thank you for your dedication to TGG and to your team at Ft. Knox. We appreciate you!


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