Should I Hire Facility Maintenance?

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For businesses and large facilities, your building is an essential asset to growth, yet many business owners leave this asset to deteriorate rather than performing regular maintenance. Simple day to day maintenance can be the difference between a popular, thriving corporation and a run-down, abandoned lot. With regular upkeep, customers are more likely to trust a business that they have never tried before, as it becomes more appealing to the eye and send the customer the message that you, as the owner, care about your business and are on top of all its needs. 

You shouldn’t wait until all these needs accumulate, however. In fact, day to day maintenance is a great way to reduce costs from building up and causing more damages than before! Buildings typically require a lot of attention; but yet, so do businesses. While many business owners only focus on the latter, they typically let the former go unnoticed. However, by hiring a facility maintenance team, both can be taken care of without incurring more costs in the overtime. 

Facility maintenance includes servicing any part of the capital assets, commercial assets, or areas inside or around the building. Capital assets can be things such as research equipment, machinery, and medical devices; while commercial appliances will include boilers and HVAC units. Lastly, areas inside or around the building encompass hallways, rooms, parking lots, and garages. 

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The job of the facility maintenance team is to “increase the utility of a building,” according to Up Keep’s website. The team, which is broken up into facility manager and facility technicians, serve two different purposes. The facility manager is in charge of creating maintenance schedules for capital assets, testing fire safety systems, creating cleaning schedules for janitors, and delegating work to the facility technicians.


Facility technicians, on the other hand, are responsible for performing walkthroughs and conducting preventive maintenance and repairs on HVAC units and capital assets. Together, the facility manager and technicians work hard to ensure the safety of the building, its workers, and all its clientele.


For more information on how maintenance management can benefit your business, contact The Ginn Group, Inc. today. We have a team of professionals ready to help you with whatever your building requires. For over 25 years, we have serviced a multitude of different fields, and no matter what obstacles we face, we find a way to get the job done!


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