Burn Safety at Fort Knox

In observance of National Burn Awareness Week (Feb 6-12, 2022), we wanted to explore some of the ways that our Ft. Knox Facilities Maintenance Services Team stays safe, specifically from burn injuries. Burn injuries are commonly caused by exposure to thermal, chemical, or electrical encounters during routine maintenance activities. Approximately 20-30% of hospitalizations are due to burn injuries from work-related exposures1. We spoke with Jessica Kenny, our Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental (QHSE) Manager for our Ft. Knox project to find out how we practice burn safety and awareness.

Our technicians conduct a wide range of activities where they may encounter the risk of burn injuries, including welding and brazing,  electrical work, boiler repairs, and exhaust hood cleaning. So how does The Ginn Group keep our technicians at Ft. Knox safe when performing their jobs? Formal training on sound practices and procedures along with supervision is the biggest factor to preventing burn injuries, or any type of potential injury. In addition to general safety training provided by the Safety Department, there are weekly safety meetings for each department that have more individualized training. This individual training can include how to properly use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), how to interpret the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for chemicals, and how to use job-specific equipment safely.

To make sure that our teams are following their safety training, weekly safety audits are performed. During these audits, technicians are observed to ensure that they are wearing the proper PPE, following safe practices and operating procedures, and even quizzed to make sure that they are aware of workplace hazards. Safety managers will compile everything into a report so that, if necessary, steps can be taken to correct incorrect procedures and educate employees on PPE and safe practices. Jessica said that there hasn’t been a fire or burn incident since she has been at Ft. Knox.

But if there is an on-site fire/burn accident, our team has a very detailed process to investigate the accident. Safety managers visit the accident site, where they photograph the area. The safety manager will also get statements from the victim and any witnesses and recount the steps to see what went wrong. Everything is added to an accident report that helps to develop new safety procedures, determine if more training is needed, or repair any equipment malfunctions.

The Ginn Group values our employees and wants to ensure not only their safety but the safety of anyone on site. We encourage everyone to be burn aware and stay safe!

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