Facility Snow Removal

The snow that comes with winter each year can prove both fun and challenging. The snow and ice that accumulate on walkways and buildings can be a huge safety risk. 

For large facilities like Fort Knox, removing the snow from the walkways and grounds is key for pedestrians, workers, and most importantly, work vehicles carrying out large-scale projects. The Ginn Group has the responsibility of prepping, removing, and treating the roads and parking lots at Fort Knox during each snow or ice event.

The plan usually starts with analyzing all of the different aspects of the property. Fort Knox has over 600 miles of roads and over 100 acres of parking lots that need to be treated or cleared of ice and snow. As part of this step, facilities also have to consider any steps or stairs that need to be treated, as well as overhangs that could drop snow or ice on unsuspecting pedestrians.

Once all of the areas that could be affected by snow and ice are identified, they are prioritized based on need. For Fort Knox, we have broken down priorities such as the main throughways, emergency routes, and 24-hour operational commands. The safe passage of each occupant and visitor throughout post is Fort Knox and The Ginn Group’s first priority.

The last step is then planning how to tackle the snow and ice removal in those areas. This can involve stocking up on salt and sand for walkways or planning for heavy machinery like snowplows and tractors with front-end loaders to be made available for removing large amounts of snow in a large area.

Once the planning is through and the cold months arrive, the weather forecasts are closely monitored. If snowfall is predicted, then the salt brine is applied to the streets, and ice melt to the high traffic areas. The type of weather that is expected can also determine whether sand or salt is used.

We asked Hamlette Braxton, Project Manager for The Ginn Group, about their snow and ice removal at Fort Knox. He said, “The Ginn Group is instrumental in the safety of Fort Knox occupants.” He also added that “The Ginn Group has set the standards in road clearing for the 4 county areas and cities. TGG is often asked how we do that and do it so well!”

The Ginn Group specializes in finding the help that large facilities need each year for snow removal. Our solutions integrate all of these steps so that things go smoothly from planning to execution. We help keep large facilities safe and functional so the winter is a smooth and safe one. 

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