Renovating Modular Office Buildings

Before the first ditch is dug on a large construction site, modular office buildings are brought in. So what is a modular office building and what does The Ginn Group do with them? We spoke with Project Manager for The Ginn Group, Gary Nichols, to find out.

Cape Canaveral Full Exterior Renovation 

Modular offices are temporary commercial or industrial office spaces that are prefabricated offsite. They are perfect for construction sites because they provide necessary office space for the site, and can be brought in or out as needed. 

Dooley County, Georgia GA 6-Plex

They are typically one to two-story structures. The walls are usually self-supporting, with steel or extruded aluminum frames and drywall with a poly coating. Some of the walls are hollow while others are insulated. They can also come prewired and can even include HVAC. 

Now that we know what they are, what does The Ginn Group have to do with modular office


Plant City, Florida Floor Replacement

The Ginn Group works to provide maintenance and repair services to modular office buildings for our customer, Aries Buildings Systems. Aries supplies commercial modular buildings across a wide range of industries and applications across the US and Canada. 

Tampa Doublewide Floor Restoration

Gary oversees the contracts for the repair and maintenance of the Aries buildings. He says it is, “awesome to see how two companies or teams work together for the overall goal.” He explains that just as you don’t have to have a nail belt to be a carpenter, you don’t have to have a modular building on construction sites. Still, it is incredibly beneficial for a carpenter to have a tool and nail belt, and a construction site to have a modular office building. They help to keep job sites organized and they aid in production. 

Currently, The Ginn Group is working on a project renovating modular trailers for Aries. The trailers are used as central offices or classrooms on job sites. These trailers range in size, but the most typical size is a double-wide (24’ x 60’). Gary said that they have worked on trailers as large as 120’ x 72’! 

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