Whitetails-Ginn, LLC JV – An Ideal Joint Venture

The benefits and rewards of creating a joint venture require forethought. With careful planning, it can be an ideal opportunity for both parties.

A joint venture in government contracting is a type of business agreement between partnering companies, two or more, whereby the organizations believe in a cause (business purpose) bigger than themselves alone.

Long-term success in government contracting can be difficult and requires committed and dedicated people to continually achieve organizational business goals and objectives. The creation of a joint venture can leverage the ideas of more than just your company alone. It is an opportunity to collectively bring the ideas, skillsets, credentials, leadership, opportunities, and extra bandwidth of both companies toward the end state.

The Ginn Group, Inc. and W.W. Whitetails, LLC JV have embarked upon the mission of creating an ideal joint venture: Whitetails-Ginn, LLC JV.

Whitetails-Ginn, LLC JV is built on a solid foundation of long-term friendship, business acumen, and respect. Both businesses’ success in communication, collaboration, and cooperation towards reaching business goals and government contract success also helps to strengthen that foundation.

The creation of Whitetails-Ginn LLC JV is a new contract vehicle extension of some of the core values of The Ginn Group, Inc. Those values include:

  • Setting the example
  • Paying it forward to others
  • Community support
  • Sharing of expertise, knowledge, skills, abilities, and training new leaders
  • The creation of jobs within an organizational culture where growth, honor, dignity, and respect for our country and others are allowed and accepted.

Click below to download the Whitetails-Ginn, LLC JV capability statement to learn more. Feel free to reach out with any questions that you may have about our newest joint venture!


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