Why is Engineering Important?

Engineering is vital to the operation of our day-to-day lives. We live in a technology-driven society where every aspect of our lives depends on technology – the power to run our businesses and homes; extensive public works systems to support a large urban population; ships, airplanes, trucks, and cars that make up our transportation system; to the computers that process information across a world-wide communication network.  But even with all the technology the main ingredient is still people; people who understand the technology and use it to solve a human need. 

Engineering both drives and serves society, so it is important that engineers always understand the context of how we apply technology for a particular solution, understanding the benefits and impacts of the technology.    For example, in the late 1800s in New York City, the primary mode of transportation was still horse-drawn carts which at the time was posing a public health crisis.  With 150,000+ horses in New York City, horse refuse and the remains of dead horses littered the streets and provided a breeding ground for flies that spread diseases, elevating the problem from a nuisance to a crisis.  The solution to the problem as promoted by many leaders in the early 1900s was the adoption of the “horseless carriage” using the new internal combustion engine (ICE) technology.

The adoption of automobiles did significantly clean up the streets of our major cities, but as we know now introduced a new range of issues from pedestrian and driver safety, to air pollution and traffic congestion.  This highlights how important it is that engineers work closely with their customers to maximize the benefits of a technology solution while identifying the potential impacts and ways to mitigate those impacts. This takes a collaborative approach across multiple engineering disciplines and experience in how to successfully create integrated solutions to serve the customer and society best. 

The INGITEQ division of The Ginn Group has experts across many engineering disciplines with that kind of experience.  Our experts in aerospace, mechanical, electrical, chemical, civil, and software engineering have worked on projects in multiple industry sectors for many government and commercial clients. In the area of automation and controls, we are currently working on multiple projects with manufacturing companies and government agencies to implement new systems to improve efficiency and reduce costs while addressing strict safety requirements. We also are working on Smart Technology applications that will use the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to provide similar efficiency and cost benefits across an entire community or military installation.

Key to every project is talking with the customer to understand their needs and requirements, then presenting them with a series of potential solutions that can fit within their budget and schedule.  INGITEQ is dedicated to using our experience and expertise to build strong relationships with our customers to provide quality, responsive, and cost-effective services and solutions.  At INGITEQ we have an experienced team of engineering experts; how can we help you? 





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