2022 – What a Year!

2022 was a year of transitions:  COVID pandemic to endemic, remote to in-person work (mostly), a resurgence of supply chain issues, bull to bear market, and low to high inflation.  Many experts predict a further transition to a shallow recession in 2023, with it being very mild in Georgia.  

One thing that did not change in 2022 was the impact of the ‘Great Resignation’ that left us with continued staffing shortages in all sectors of our economy.  We all see the “hiring now” signs at the retail and restaurants we frequent, but the effects are evident from top to bottom in many organizations.  For example, the engineering unemployment rate has been historically low this year at times dipping below 1%. Given the continuing staffing shortages, many experts predict a different kind of recession that will see unemployment grow to ~5%, but not to the higher levels seen in previous recessions as employers strive to hang on to staff that they worked so hard to find in 2022.

This year has also been a transition year for The Ginn Group (TGG) as we celebrated the 25th anniversary of our founding by Jim Ginn with his son James Ginn taking the reins as CEO.  TGG continued to effectively serve our core US government facilities services and logistics customers while expanding our staff and offerings into the state/local government sectors and commercial sectors.  From snow removal in Kentucky to hurricane preparedness and cleanup in Florida and many other services to our customers, it’s been a year of challenges met by the TGG team. 

We also made strides in our new engineering division, INGITEQ, adding staff and winning new commercial and government contracts across the automation & controls, nuclear, and aerospace sectors.  TGG/INGITEQ also moved strongly into the Smart Technologies arena, particularly ‘Smart Base’ efforts with the federal government.  This is an exciting area that combines our capabilities and experience from our legacy Information Technology (IT) line of business with our Engineering and facilities lines of business.  Smart Base and Smart City/Community efforts will impact all sectors of our economy using an Internet of Things (IoT) network of sensors and machines throughout the local infrastructure and services to develop, deploy, and promote integrated solutions to improve efficiency and address local challenges.

It’s been a challenging and rewarding year and 2023 looks to be even more exciting as TGG continues to innovate to better provide quality, responsive and cost-effective services and solutions to meet the needs of our commercial, state/local government, and federal government customers. Watch us grow!


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