Standby Generators: The Unsung Hero

We’ve all been there. All of a sudden, bad weather hits and you are left without power. And while (though never fun) this might be manageable in a home situation, as a business it can leave you and your employees temporarily shut down and without work. 

That is, without standby generators ready to help out your business. 

What Is A Standby Generator?

Standby generators, by definition, are a “backup power solution that provides power to your business operations, commercial and industrial applications, or facilities in the event of a power outage.” This allows the power to keep running as soon as the grid goes down. In case of emergency, the automatic transfer switches on to power up your home or business again and keep everything running smoothly. And although the power might waiver for a second while this switch is happening, it is nothing compared to the hours or even days that it could be down without a backup generator.

Generators have become much more compact and manageable since the origin days of this antique diesel generator.

Peace of Mind

Generators offer great peace of mind in the business world due to the support they provide companies in all types of weather conditions and other outlying circumstances. Whether it is an outage caused by a storm, wind, ice, fallen tree, vehicle collision, earthquake, animal intrusion, lightning strike, or high power demand, a standby generator can kick on to give your business the support it needs to keep working as normal.

Portable or Standby?

Commercial or home standby generators differ from portable generators in that they stay connected to the power supply continuously rather than being hooked up only when the power goes out. This is a positive in that no one has to be sent out to brave the bad weather once the new power equipment needs to be hooked up; however, it does mean that the generator is often designated for a specific purpose and cannot change locations once connected.

Which Generator is Right for You? 

Deciding the right generator can be difficult. On you can use the Generator Buyer Guide to understand which size generator is the best for your business. Simply enter the type of equipment you use and the number of these pieces of equipment and then click “Estimate Wattage Needs” to get an understanding of your wattage use and types of generators that will fit your needs. 

Where The Ginn Group Comes In. 

Now that you have all the basics to your company’s first (or maybe next) generator, the next topic is upkeep. This is where The Ginn Group comes in.  The Ginn Group Inc. is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business with over 20 years of experience offering facility support services to companies and businesses. 

If your business is in need of generator services or upkeep, give The Ginn Group a call.


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